Thursday, 2 November 2017

Jigsaw (2017)

Bodies are cropping up all over the place and they all seem to suggest, at least in the eyes of the world's dumbest police force, the return of the long dead Jigsaw killer.

For whatever reason, Lionsgate have decided they want to revive the 'Saw' franchise several years after the supposed final chapter. You'd hope they'd have a good reason to but there really isn't one seeing just how unrelated and pointless this whole thing is.

This presents the usual routine from the latter 'Saw' films of implausibly elaborate scenarios and 'traps' with a bunch of hapless fools getting offed in them all while the police prove a bit dense. Remember when the premise was just two guys in a bathroom with a rusty saw? Anyway, this new addition to the series doesn't have anything worthwhile to offer. It's only contribution seems to be somehow upping the stupidity of everybody and everything in it.

When the film plays itself as obviously as this one does and seems to not realise just how badly it is presenting it all, it's hard to know just how seriously you're expected to take it because it all looks like a joke. It's that dumb, with a plot that is so predictable it's frustrating (more so when you realise that the thing actually thought it was tricking you - each clue is like a punch in the face), characters so stupid it's laughable (the police are especially thick), lines of dialogue that are highly questionable (I wanted to rewind the film a couple of times just to make sure I heard various lines correctly because they were so muddled), and traps that are just lame. Then there are all the other little moments scattered throughout that just beg the question: why?

As I said, the whole thing seems like it must be a joke. It's the only way I can see this film having any purpose. Otherwise, why would they bother scrambling together something this incompetent and pointless? On the plus side, at least it was more watchable than the previous couple of 'Saw' films or so (from what I can remember of them anyway). At least there's some amusement in watching this film flounder about in it's hopeless state. But you're still best off giving this one a miss and just sticking to the first film in the series (and maybe the second one).

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