Saturday, 14 October 2017

Home Again (2017)

A mother takes in three young guys who change her life for the better.

I've been sitting on this one for a couple of weeks. I meant to review it back at the start of the month but wanted to get my September summary out of the way first as this qualified as an October film for me (as I saw it on the 1st). However, those two weeks have allowed the film to stew in my mind to the point that the first thing that comes to mind when I think of it are all the creepy and concerning moments that the film tries to pass off as charming and cute (or some such).

What we have here is a story about a soon-to-be-divorced mother who, after a night out, has three wannabe film-makers (one an actor, one a director, and one a screenwriter - though you never see any of their work because you know it's going to be shit) stay in her house for no discernable reason. All they do is sweet-talk her mother. Apparently, though, this makes then upstanding blokes and so she lets them hang out, unsupervised, with her young kids, lets them drive these kids alone to wherever (keep in mind that these are complete strangers who she has only known for a day and who feel at liberty to snoop around her house and such), and so on. Soon, these guys become very obsessive over this woman (fawning over her is a disgustingly sickly manner) to the point that they turn to violence and assault her soon-to-be-ex husband when he pops by to try and mend the relationship. But all goes well in the end as it is all bonding and laughing come the end.

Nothing in the film makes any sense. The amount of illogical and stupid behaviour becomes aggressively annoying made all the worse by the fact that the film seems to believe that acting in such a way will reward a person. But you have to wonder what was going through everyone's head to work on such self-satisfied and poorly written trite that doesn't seem to have a grip on anything. It thinks it is being funny, it thinks it is being charming, it thinks it is being insightful, it thinks itself many things but is none of them. It's a sickly corpse of a move rotting under such a nauseatingly smug exterior. It's certainly one of the worst of the year.

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