Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Snatched (2017)

Emily (Amy Schumer) ends up with two nonrefundable tickets for a trip to Ecuador after her boyfriend dumps her. However, determined to use those tickets, she ends up dragging her mother along only for both of them to end up getting kidnapped while abroad.

Moving on from a bad comedy for kids (in the form of 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul') and onto a bad comedy for adults. What's fairly obvious about this film is that it doesn't really have an idea of what it should do. It seems aware that it is trying to be a 'comedy' but cannot seem to make up its mind in regards to how seriously it wants people to take (hence all the crap about the mother-daughter relationship that it tries to make seem significant).

What this results in is an awkward film lacking in any natural flow and it all comes across as rushed and jumbled. The film desperately scrambles around in search of a 'joke' to the point where you start getting scenes and characters that come out of nowhere and don't actually go anywhere. They're just there for 'comedy' but do little more than highlight how disjointed and devoid of ideas the film is. Even if there was potential in the 'joke', the shoddy execution ruins that.

Ultimately, the film seems content to resort to cliches that typically bog down action-comedies. Here, that involves them being pursued by some forgettable criminal who they eventually accidentally take down (or some such) all while characters screech because people yelling is funny. Apparently. I assume that because that is what most of these 'comedies' do.

The one vaguely positive note I have for the film is that it wasn't quite as abysmal as I had been anticipating. In other words, I was able to sit through it more easily than I had prepared for (nothing actually got too under my skin) and, while it was certainly a bad piece of film-making, it just ended up being forgotten. That's me trying to be positive.

'Snatched' is just forgettable noise with no real purpose.

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