Friday, 12 May 2017

Mindhorn (2017)

A washed-up actor is forced to revisit a popular TV character he played in the 80s to help the police solve a murder on the Isle of Man.

This one seems to have missed the mark. While there were a couple of amusing moments in the film, the film certainly had the potential to mine its premise for more functioning comedy. Instead, at nearly 90 minutes, it feels like a dragged 5-minute sketch that targets obvious plot points and developments as well as repeatedly focusing underwhelming 'jokes' that just aren't funny.

The film itself comes across as more bumbling and full of itself than its central character. There's probably nothing wrong with a film being full of itself as long as it can justify it by working at or close to the level it believes it is at. But that's not so much the case here as it bumbles around the place fumbling any of the material that could have been funny and trying to find some excuse to reach the 90 minute mark, regardless of how tedious that padding may be.

It doesn't entirely botch anything as there bits that are amusingly silly but the rest fails to elicit a response. The bright side to that is that meant it at least it wasn't misfiring as badly as other wannabe 'comedies' like 'CHiPs' or 'Fist Fight' (to name a couple from this year) to the point where the jokes are not just unfunny, they're hideous. Here, though, they just don't register (save for one or two irritating ones, as well as the mind-numbingly cliched plot being shoe-horned in) leaving the film as something instantly forgettable and not worth the effort.

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