Friday, 6 May 2016

God's Not Dead 2 (2016)

Heheheh... where to begin with this one? Well, it's about a Christian teacher in the US who ends up being prosecuted after a student asks her about Jesus. Why is she is trouble? Because she herself mentioned Jesus in the response which is apparently a big no-no in a society full of evil atheists who wish nothing more than to, understandably, separate state and religion. But, apparently, separating state and religion means oppressing all Christians (who are seemingly made up primarily of young, well-kept white girls).

Meanwhile, other plots strands floating about (there to increase the runtime) include some Chinese kid who is curious about God and supposedly asks 147 questions about him (we never hear them) and seemingly gets answers that satisfy him (that we also don't hear). There's other stuff too. But why ruin the surprise?

Tell everyone:

*Blandly smiling at you* God is good.

*You blandly smiling back* God is good.

And nothing beats the power of prayer.

*You nod cheesily in agreement to that*

But mostly God is good since 'He' is basically credited with this film, a wonderfully predictable and abysmal film. One that, as expected, has no concept of nuance, subtlety, reality, sense, and good film-making (and so on). And it's oblivious to it all, taking its far-fetched setup so very seriously as it preaches to the choir and comes off looking more bigoted than the atheists it portrays.

As you may have worked out from the title, this is a sequel. Unfortunately, I missed the original 'God's Not Dead', a bit hit for its genre in the US, during its release in the UK. From what I've heard it is supposed to be dire (no surprise there), but it all sounds so enjoyably crap in the way that these kind of films (low budget 'faith' films) can be. Some people find them boring, and most probably are, but then you get the ones that just hit all the wrong marks in the right way that they become unintentionally entertaining. And, going into it, I was really hoping that 'God's Not Dead 2' would be one of those. And my hopes were realised the moment the film starts with its cliched Jesus song. And it only got 'better' from there.

Watching the film, you do have to wonder if this is all some kind of spoof, like a 'Black Dynamite' but for 'faith' films instead of blaxploitation. But, no, this seems to take itself seriously from its ridiculous core 'drama' to the groan-inducingly bad attempts at 'humour' and all else (which is all played out with shoddy acting). It's oblivious to its own stupidity as it gets so caught up in self-satisfaction with its message that 'God is Good' and that 'God's Not Dead' (and telling you to tell everyone), despite there being little on display to be proud of. It thinks its being monumental and eye-opening. But hey, it just adds to the amusement.

Hmm... it's annoying that I can verbally express my opinion about this film far better than I can in writing. It doesn't help that I feel I'm in a bit of a rut when it comes to writing these things right now (it happens every so often). So I'm just going to skip into any more detail and just move onto the summary. It is a dire film, but one that smugly goes about its business oblivious to its atrocious quality. It should be one of the worst films you'll likely see this year. And yet it proves so unintentionally amusing (hilarious even) that it's kind of enjoyable.

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