Sunday, 8 May 2016

Bad Neighbours 2 [Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising] (2016)

The family from the previous film (Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne) are on the verge of selling their house when they discover a Sorority has moved in next door, and so their troubles begin again.

I don't remember too much about the first film, but I do recall that I wasn't that impressed with it. But those involved have returned for a second, practically delivering the same set-up as before just with even less of a focus.

The good news with this one is that I think I enjoyed more than the first film, as this was a bit better when handling the humour. It still had the standard Seth Rogen stables of weed and dicks, but there was some room for other stuff. So, in other words, there are amusing moments (he mutters begrudgingly), though nothing I'd consider memorable or laugh-out-loud (but the audience seemed to disagree with that).

The downside is that a lot (most) of it still misfires and repeats itself (like the kid treating a dildo as a doll, something the film thinks is hilarious but is just tired and aggravating) and, seeing as the plot is as rehashed and minimal as it is, any attempt for us to take parts of it more seriously - or even invest in the characters - fail. As for all it's chest-beating about feminism, well, it's ultimately a very muddled message but at least it isn't one of those cases where of introducing a female character who is meant/the film claims to be 'strong' and 'independent' but ends up being a trophy to the male lead (that's the typical idea of 'feminism' in Hollywood these days).

As something parading itself as a 'comedy', this has its share of humorous moments and lines that work. And the film, overall, didn't aggravate me as it could have despite the inadequate plotting and misfiring jokes. Which is more than I would have been expecting for the film, especially since seeing the first one. So I'll let this one go with just a 'meh' and shrug. Besides, it'll probably be forgotten within the week.

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