Tuesday, 3 May 2016

April 2016 - Brief Summary

Just remember, my opinion can change! :)

Best Film
This one took me by surprise, and in a good way. It does drag itself down with the odd needless moment or so, but otherwise it's a pretty good film.

Worst Film
Well, it was either going to be this or 'Bastille Day'. Both shoddy films that are far from the level of competence they both tell themselves they are.

Worst Adverts
Right... let's get this over with...

First, we have this Vodaphone advert starring some unbearably obnoxious phone addict:

I tend to ignore these, but tourist adverts tend to be some of the worst, and this Turkey one is no exception (though at least the version in cinemas is shorter than this):

So apparently you spend ages crafting a giant wooden deer just to burn it for no apparent reason. Unless it's a Wicker Man-type thing...

And Stella Artois continue to deliver shit adverts they think are quirky and all that. And, as is the trend these days, it's another alcoholic drink advert that decides to tell/show a story.

The Films To Look Forward To In The Coming Month
Doesn't look like the most inspiring line-up this month, with a couple of expensive sequels I don't care much for ('X-Men', 'Alice Through the Looking Glass') and a couple of video game adaptations that look to conform to the typical trend ('Angry Birds', 'Warcraft'). Then there are just other bits and pieces that don't look like they amount to much.

If I were to pick something, though, currently I'd go with 'Green Room'. It's from the director of 'Blue Ruin' (which I liked) and the reviews have been good. So hopefully it's worth it.

Pointless Extra Details:
Most Viewed Review: 'Eye in the Sky'
Least Viewed Review: 'Criminal'

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