Saturday, 23 April 2016

Friend Request (2016)

A college student, Laura, finds herself being stalked by a supernatural presence after she 'unfriends' a lonely, unstable classmate. Soon she finds her friends being picked off one by one. It's basically someone's remake of 'Unfriended', just with less going for it.

I should start by stating that when I watched this film, I had to endure a bunch of irksome teens (who looked younger than the '15' rating the film supposedly had). As I've frequently come to expect from this genre, it attracts the typical bunch of pathetic, hyperactive teens who think they're 'cool' or 'hysterical' or such watching this stuff. This gaggle decided to go beyond just the needless screeching and giggling by recording their 'reactions' during the film and taking photos of themselves using the flash. And then they'd proceed to replay their recordings immediately and make a noise about that. Suffice it to say, it didn't make the film easy to watch.

But, anyway, how was the film itself? In my opinion, it was generic, predictable horror going through the motions. As ever. It rushes through its checklist of overused plot points to get to the unsurprising conclusion all while shying away from gore (it cheaply cuts away just before things happen), atmosphere, and any kind of fun (it resorts to the standard, foreseeable jump 'scares'). Yet it did feel it was hovering near a point where it could have done something more enjoyable. Alas, they never realise it and go down their primitive route.

In the end, this is in the same group as some of 2016's other 'horror' misfires such as 'The Boy', 'The Other Side of the Door', and 'The Forest'. It's not very well made and it doesn't offer anything different. Just another half arsed trudge through the familiar (all of which is in the trailer anyway). However, in the film's defence, perhaps I would have enjoyed it more had I been able to watch it in peace. I'll never know, especially as I don't plan to sit through it again.

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