Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Boy (2016)

American Greta Evans (Lauren Cohan) is hired by an elderly British couple to look after their son, Brahms, who lives in a large, old house isolated somewhere in the countryside. Brahms, however, is a doll who may or may not be alive.

There's little to say on this one. On paper, it's supposedly another evil doll film that probably could have been entertaining enough were it not so focused on not being that.

As ever, this tries to claim it is a 'horror' movie yet, as ever, it doesn't appear to have a clue about what it is doing and turns to the random loud noises and ridiculous plot twists in the hopes that it will trick some gullible audience member. It's happy to spend most of its time slowly moving through the motions with no reward, presumably under the impression that this is meant to be the same as a steady build-up in tension (it isn't).

I suppose, initially, the film was watchable enough. Or that might just have been me holding onto to the hope that maybe the film would go down a fun route. But it didn't as it descends into stupidity and nothingness, and not in an enjoyable way. More just a dull one where you'll be inclined to think "Really?" towards the film.

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