Thursday, 1 January 2015

Product Adverts of 2014: The Most Tolerable and the Worst

And so the year ends and, over the past 365 days that have just been, I counted a total of 421 different adverts (that aren't promoting films about to arrive in cinemas). Of those, it's a struggle to find the 1.18% I need to make the positive list (so I'll bend the rules slightly to make life easier), but too easy to find the crap ones.

For an advert to be here, I have to have seen it at the cinema. If I didn't then it doesn't count.

Now I should point out that I was planning to have this done slightly earlier but, as I was looking around at the adverts, I got a little side-tracked when I stumbled across a trailer for 'Final Fantasy XV' that I hadn't seen before:
Which got me all hyped again (the game is what I'm most looking forward to across all forms of media entertainment. Don't you wish you were as cool as me?) meaning I forgot about what I was doing and focused on other things.

But I obviously got back to completing this! So here is the list:

The Worst:
Okay, so these might not necessarily be the worst made adverts. I did see some very cheaply made ones this year with practically no effort put into them. However, the 'worst' here refers to the ones I, personally, really didn't take to. If you've been reading my monthly summaries, then you'll probably already have guessed the ones I've listed.

For whatever reason, the blog didn't want to find the clip despite it being on YouTube. So I've put the link above.

This one is, thankfully, short but there is still enough time for it to irritate me with it with its waste of a half minute. Wow, you show a car and have growling noises played over it. Clearly I must buy that car.

It's a Coca-Cola ad. It's a Christmas ad. Two bad things that come together to create something worse. Especially with the fake feeling message of changing people's lives, which has nothing to do with taking a sip from a bottle of liquid sugar. The only thing you'll get from that is type 2 diabetes and no teeth.

This one I don't think I mentioned in my monthly summaries. At the time, I didn't make much of it but it has since found a way to irritate me. I was surprised when I found out how short it was. In my opinion, it looks like it is trying too hard in the way people try too hard when they have no ideas.

It was hard to choose one of the Red Bull-related adverts so I've included them all as one. If you have a spare month to throw away, you might be able to watch a couple of them. The adverts for the Red Bull Culture Clash, the Atherton Time Trial one, and the Air Race are the ones I saw this year. And the main reason they're here is that they just go on and on for no particular reason. It was a frustrating waste of time. I go to the cinema to watch a film, not sit through this repetitive crap.

I just see and hear noise.

Does this test my patience? Si.

4) Westfield Christmas

Shallow and kind of sums up a lot of what is wrong with Christmas. Unfortunately, the clip tot he video didn't want to show up here, so view the clip in my November 2014 - Brief Summary post if you're desperate to see it.

Another one that feels like it is going to go on forever. This one feels pretty smug but doesn't make much sense and just does its best to try and force me to go out on a duck (or whatever bird it is meant to be) killing spree.

Long and painfully unfunny. At least my exposure to it was minimal.

Where to begin...

The Tolerable
These aren't necessarily good adverts, just the ones I didn't mind sitting through (because it's tougher to list 5 I liked). It's a mostly rushed list:

Dark Souls 2
Okay, so I like this particular. Don't know why. Though I'm not likely to play the actual game. I don't think I'd have the patience to see it through to the end. But you never know...

Apparently a 2012 advert. But I saw it this year and it's weirdness was watchable.

Am I stretching things a little with this? Perhaps. But it was a pretty good advert for Lego and I did see it at the cinema, so it qualifies. :)

Sky Movies Christmas
This one I had to sit through 6 times in one day (they play it twice before each kids film) and I didn't mind much. So I decided ot give it a place on this list because I couldn't find another advert.

Another one I actually like. Well, the first part at least, where the Teddy has such a hard, abused life. It amuses me.

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