Sunday, 7 December 2014

St. Vincent (2014)

Oh dear, I better review this film quickly before it falls between the gaps and gets forgotten. It's been 48 hours since I watched it.

Bill Murray takes the lead as the titular Vincent, a grumpy old man who isn't too pleased when a mother and her son move in next door. However, he ends up being paid to look after the kid for a couple of hours each day after school. It isn't long before the kid finds a softer side to Vincent and the two start to bond.

This is an overly sentimental comedy-drama, one of those ones that tries to package pointless events as having huge narrative and emotional value. Eyes will roll, mouths will retch (I think the hideous poster does justice to the tone of the film). Most of what the film does is to try and trick you into feeling some kind of touching emotion (it wants something for nothing). I can't say I fell for that stuff. It was all too obvious.

I wouldn't call it an unpleasant film. After all, I didn't hate it. It's more that the overbearing sentimentality is a little nauseating. But, to leverage that out, the film has an enjoyable turn from Bill Murray, who gets a few amusing moments thanks to his dry delivery. Which is really what gives the film anything worthwhile. Well, that and the fact that Melissa McCarthy isn't forced to play one of those hideous 'comedy' characters she has been typecast as recently.

The film may be one of those sickly, common 'touching and uplifting' comedy-dramas but it could have been worse. Bill Murray does bring some amusement to the film and helps make the film watchable. Alas, there is little beyond that.

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