Monday, 1 December 2014

November 2014 - Brief Summary

Remember, my opinion is subject to change...

Best Film:

Not Christopher Nolan's finest but, as his previous films have set the bar quite high, his lesser work can still be quite good. In other hands, I think this would have fallen to pieces (I've seen people mention how there are Shyamalan elements to it). As with other Nolan films, it aims big. And though it can't do it all (it clunks in places and stumbles at the end), it still entertains.

Honourable mentions: 'Mr Turner', 'Nightcrawler'

Worst Film:

It would have had to been July for this to have some competition for the worst film of the month (though 'Dr Cabbie' had a noble attempt at the end). As it stands, it'll just have settle with competing against those films for worst of the year.

Dishonourable mention: 'Dr. Cabbie'

Worst Product Advert:

Ah, November. The time when all the shallow Christmas adverts come out of hibernation to torment poor souls and exploit the gullible. I was tempted to have a separate post looking at just the Christmas adverts, but they don't deserve the special treatment.

Of the ones I came across at the cinema, these were the three I disliked the most:


This one... just... urgh!

Lidl have been doing this all year. It's these bunch of adverts showing people consuming Lidl food without being told what it is. I can see why they have these ads, but I can't stand them. And this is the worst of the lot.

The fact that it is Coca-Cola should say enough. What I don't get is why they seem to try (or not try - after all, all they do is stick their name onto the video without tying it in adequately) and relate their product to people being nice to each other or whatever (they always seem to imply that Coca-Cola is the source of all miracles and kindness). Add in the Christmas element and it gets worse. And did I mention it was a Coca-Cola advert?

Of the non-Christmas adverts, there wasn't too much of note. Though I did take a disliking to a Cortana Lumia advert. Not the one with Cortana and Siri, but the one about the guy using his phone to remember stuff to do with his wife and their anniversary (I couldn't find the clip on YouTube). My trouble with this one is that it just highlights some of issues with society today. Not to mention, it's done in a pretty bland way.

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