Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Imitation Game (2014)

A biopic about mathematician Alan Turing who, during WWII, helped crack the German's Enigma code. From what we see here, he was a smart, arrogant, and socially awkward character meaning it's the role you get Benedict Cumberbatch to play.

It's a watchable, if standard (unimaginative) film that does little to change the formula. There are various eye-rolling moments/clichés included in it, and there is no tension to be found in it as the ending is known. Which doesn't make it much of the 'thriller' it occasionally tries to be. The film also thinks it can make itself more interesting by continually switching to different time periods in Turing's life. A pointless tactic.

There is also a sudden switch of focus at the end, where the film, with it's biopic-standard writing to sum up events, forces on some stuff about treatment of homosexuals in the 1940s and 50s. When this happens, it gives the impression that the film believes it was all about that because of how it shoves that to the forefront. While it is relevant to something about Alan Turing, the way it was handled was just sloppy.

The main reason to watch this would be for Benedict Cumberbatch, who delivers a good performance as Turing (it is a role that shares a lot of similarities with 'Sherlock'). Otherwise there isn't much going on in the film to keep you invested.

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