Monday, 3 November 2014

Ouija (2014)

A pathetic, unnecessary 'horror' aimed at the dumbest/most ignorant of audience members that feels like a quick cash-maker released in time for Halloween. I cannot comprehend how it topped the US box-office for two successive weeks.

The plot to this thing is simple: a bunch of teens mess with a Ouija board earning the attention of a malevolent spirit. Not much more to it than that. There's no point mentioning anything else, anyway, as it is devoid of reason and logic. The only way to grasp what the film does is to see it for what it truly is: a check-list.

What I mean by that is simply that the film goes through the motions and does so in a way that suggests it isn't even trying. The film appears to be following a list of what it thinks it must be doing but does nothing beyond include those clichés. There is no attempt to weave a proper story, to develop the characters, or to create it's own identity. It seems no-one involved was even trying. It is filmed in a way that looks like half-arsed mimicry of other films, while the writing is truly lazy.

This is perhaps as bland and creatively stagnant as a horror film can get, and feels more like the sort of crap you'd find made straight for TV.

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