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September 2014 - Brief Summary

Remember, my opinion is subject to change...

Best Film:

It hasn't been the most spectacular month for films (not a surprise - it is the dumping month, filler between the summer season and the awards/winter season). There was stuff I liked but didn't perhaps think was amazing ('The Guest' and 'Boxtrolls', for example, were entertaining and worth a mention) while the bad stuff could have been worse. Of all the films, 'Maps to the Stars' was probably the best. I found it to be an interesting, enjoyable watch, whoh I wasn't expecting it to be.

Worst Film:

This one was released in August in the UK but, as I saw it in September, it counts. If you want a proper September release for me to name and shame, how about 'Sex Tape'? However, I'd rather stick with this one. While I have seen worse this year (take a glance at some of the stuff from July), this film is still a horrible failure. It's nonsensical (even when you accept the set-up), unfunny, dull, out-dated, and just bad.

Other films to highlight would be the anti-horror 'Deliver Us From Evil' and the slow torture that is 'If I Stay'. It is tempting to put 'The Giver' on the list but, despite being shoddily made, I wasn't so fussed about it.

Favourite OST:

I think I might leave this blank for now as there are a couple of scores I'd like to listen to again but cannot find at the moment. In fact, I might cut this one out of my monthly summaries and leave it until the end of the year.

Worst Product Advert:

Another month, another load of irritating, intrusive product adverts. Not only that, but the adverts (including film trailers) before the film have returned to taking up 30 minutes of your time (I was beginning to get used to 20 minutes). Though that isn't all bad. It does mean I can mix and match films more easily as the increased ad time gives more room for overlap. If that makes any sense (I basically exit one film and head into the next one halfway through the adverts. Sometimes I have time for my lunch - that usually takes 5 mins).

Now, looking at the list I make of the adverts I see (yes, I'm sad enough to do that - look above for a small taster), there were a few irritating ones (and, surprisingly, one I liked. Whatever could it be?).

One of the big offenders is the new Freederm (not the first time they've tried to make me suffer) advert with an animated duck. This is one of those adverts they 'tease' (show a brief glimpse of the duck) a couple of times in the few minutes before they show the actual advert. Yeah, because this really deserved to try and build itself up. Or maybe it was taunting me, making sure I don't forget about the upcoming 60 seconds of suffering. 60 seconds? Wow, it feels much longer than that as the advert attempts to show the duck, I assume one that uses Freederm, shows how free he/she feels which gives us a minute of it wasting our time and giving us brain damage in the process. It seems to think it is funny and charming and all that. It's not. It's stupid. It's annoying. I don't care if the duck can fly along roller-coaster tracks or through clouds or around airports or by kites or in a city or on a motorbike or in space (and not die). There was no reason for me to see any of that. Happily, the advert was shortened in its appearances later in the month to half the length.

There was one advert that I did, mercifully, only see once. Yet it deserves its place here because it was awful. The first offence is that it is 3 minutes. The second is that it is unbearable. It's hideously unfunny, despite it seemingly thinking it is hilarious. And if was intentionally trying to be funny by being unfunny, then it's still equally unfunny and unbearable. This advert being for some Stoptober thing. I won't tell you what goes on in it as that would ruin the surprise. Watch at your own peril:

Begging for death? Well, tough. You'll just have to live with seeing that advert from the arse-end of society.

Next up are a couple of adverts I couldn't find a video for. One of those is for the Red Bull Culture Clash. Like the other Red Bull adverts I take issue with, this goes on for far too long. This is for some music thing and the advert is pretty much different people saying exactly the same thing repeatedly for a few minutes. Like the other adverts, there is a lot of talking but nothing is being said. My advice to Red Bull's marketing: do better or don't bother.

There was also an advert for the 'Bad Neighbours' DVD. This one was obnoxious in an insufferable way. It's a shame I kind find that particular advert.

There were others that I had no patience for. But I'll leave it at that.

Pointless extra details:
Most Viewed Review: 'Sex Tape'
Least Viewed Review(s): 'The Giver', 'Wish I was Here', 'Maps to the Stars'

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