Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Dolphin Tale 2 (2014)

Perhaps distressingly, the first 'Dolphin Tale' performed decently both critically and commercially. Meaning we have this sequel, which is still about the same kid and the same disabled dolphin. Also, Morgan Freeman pops up again because that is what he does.

Having previous seen a dolphin bonding with a kid while learning to accept a prosthetic limb, as well as that idiotic RC Helicopter scene that was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world,  we now get the dolphin, Winter, acting all moody and depressed because it needs another dolphin to chill with. To makes things worse, the aquarium have a time limit to solve the problem before Winter is sent to Texas (but they fail to specify if it is to patrol the border for illegal immigrants). Whether they succeed or not is in the trailer leaving you with 107 minutes of pointlessness. I mean, really, are you going to try and squeeze out tension and drama out of something that was preordained? It just leaves me twiddling my thumbs and contemplating what my supper in 3 hours should be (best to use up the things that are a day or two away from expiring rather than something in the freezer).

Upon its release, I had a strong dislike of the first film. I've since mostly forgotten it, with the main residual memory being of that helicopter scene (meaning I remember the worst moment in the film). I didn't have that kind of negative reaction towards this film. In fact, I had no reaction to this film. It does do things in the manner that usually irritates me, but I really couldn't  be bothered with that as I couldn't get around the little detail that there was no point in anyone watching it, except as a formality. The trailer does cover all you need to know, including the happy, cheery, 'feel-good' ending.

The characters and their drama were all fairly pointless too, especially as the film seems to be building up one or two minor sub-plotty-things that ultimately go nowhere (they just fade away or sit there awkwardly and without a clue). I don't know, maybe I was missing something. It just looked like padding considering these are the bits that aren't in the trailer but have no relevance to anything. I guess a plot about pairing two dolphins can only sustain itself for 2 minutes (even that is a push). At least that is the case with how it is done here.

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