Friday, 5 September 2014

The Keeper of Lost Causes [Kvinden I Buret] (2013/14)

A Danish mystery thriller following a detective Carl (think of him as a Nordic Dominic West) and his assistant Assad as they reopen an old case concerning a missing women who was presumed to have committed suicide when actually there may be more to it than that (including the Danish Neil Patrick Harris - or so I thought).

I went in to this film needing a remedy for the ailment that was 'If I Stay', and I guess it did the job to take my mind of that film. 'The Keeper of Lost Causes' is decently handled and has various details that keep your attention. The down side is that the film cannot mask what it is, and that is a standard police mystery film that does not stray from the formula and, every now and then, it decides to mix in highly over-dramatic moments (e.g. the bit where the kidnapper is identified in a photo - it makes you think if the was trying to be comedic such is the overblown nature of the scene).

While the film may be familiar and occasionally feel unbalanced, it had enough there to keep me occupied.

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