Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Guvnors (2014)

I watched this one over two weeks ago, but I initially didn't have time to review it and then it kind of became... forgotten.

'The Guvnors' is a British film about two generations of thugs (which is what they appear to be in this - it doesn't matter how you dress it) clashing as one youth wants respect but lives in the shadow of an old firm ('The Guvnors') that used to exist 20 years ago in the area he lives in. So he goes about cutting peoples faces and whining when something doesn't go his way (yet the film still tries to show that there is a 'sympathetic' edge to him - but it's a bit too late by that point). He eventually gets the attention of the leader of the Guvnors but it turns out that things are a bit more complicated than either character would have hoped for.

This type of British 'thriller' is nothing new. You get a few of them in cinemas each year. This ones fills itself with unsympathetic characters whose plight we are meant to care for. Yet it is hard to care for any of it when both sides are seemingly unpleasant (even if the film tries to tell you they're decent blokes at heart - just as long as you stay on their good side) and also hard to take seriously when the film throws silly, unnecessary plot 'revelations' our way before ending in such a predictable fashion.

Despite all that, however, the films retains an element of watchability and lasts for 90 minutes or so. And, among recent British films, it is a vast improvement over 'Pudsey'.

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