Monday, 8 September 2014

The Guest (2014)

The team behind 'You're Next' return with a thriller that, while not pushing the boundaries of its genre, provides plenty of entertainment.

The Peterson family are still mourning the loss of their son (who died in action) when a stranger, who goes by the name of David, turns up at their door claiming to have known their son and was there during his last moments. The family let him stay for a few days and, during his time there, people who pose a threat (or act as an obstacle) to either the family or David end up dying or severely hurt. Eventually, the Petersons' daughter, Anna, finds that David has been hiding details.

The film doesn't store too many surprises and it ends in a way you'd expect it to (if not at first, then definitely once you've seen how the film wants to play things). But that didn't make it any less enjoyable. The mercurial tone/attitude of the film worked well, especially as the menace of David (or what he may or may not be about to do) is always present in the background to keep things on track. To me, it amounted to an entertaining 90 minutes or so.

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