Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Pride (2014)

I did watch this one a few days ago (I paired it with 'A Most Wanted Man') but I had not had the time to review until now.

Another British film about the miner's strike in the 1980s, 'Pride' chooses to look at how a group of homosexuals sought to aid a struggling Welsh mining town after the mining unions didn't want the support of such a group. At first, there is the expected resistance from the mining village, but most are eventually won over and they work together to try and get their cause to the next level.

The film aims to be a feel-good one about two groups of people backing each other up in a hard time. By trying to be such a film, it does mean it sacrifices a lot of the weight that comes with the story. There is only the most mild inclusion of any hardship the characters face. Indeed, the film just shows the problem and then cuts out the inconvenient parts to get to the end of it all, preferring to show everyone having fun. I wouldn't say it delves deep into exploring the subject.

As a feel-good film, though, I suppose this does work. It comes across as amiable and well-meaning, with some amusing moments along the way and solid cast to carry it through. And while the film may not dwell too much on the more serious moments (though the film doesn't ignore them - they are central to the plot), it does mean it can avoid any jarring shifts in tone or attitude as it sticks to keeping it all light.

For what the film presents, and how it does it, it was perhaps a little long/stretched and lacking in anything more than a quick glimpse at the history (I assume they assume you'd know enough of the subject going into the film), but there is enjoyment to be had.

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