Thursday, 4 September 2014

Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

This unimaginatively titled 'horror' based around demonic possession travels the common route of mundane exorcism films. After watching this, my opinion of 'As Above, So Below' improved (the film I saw prior to this one).

'Inspired by actual accounts' (so you know you're getting as close to the truth as possible(!)), 'Deliver Us From Evil' is about a policeman's (Eric Bana - character name Sarchie, apparently. According to IMDb) hunt for a man who got possessed during a tour in Iraq. Only Sarchie doesn't believe in this stuff despite his ability to detect evil or something (yet this 'ability' doesn't tell him not to stick his arm through bars when showing something to an unstable woman. He soon learns). So along comes Edgar Ramirez's priest to enlighten him to 'Primary' and 'Secondary' evil. This all builds up to a exorcism in a police station interrogation room which involves the possessed standing up and sitting down repeatedly with the occasional screech. Oh my, how exciting(!).

The film made it too easy to pick on. It's full of the po-faced stupidity I've become accustomed to in these films. As well as the wearisome nature of it all. There's nothing the actors can really in such a film as they are suffocated by the lack of atmosphere and overused plot points. Oh, and a complete lack of scares. Unless, of course, you find spherical plush owls rolling around the floor to be the pinnacle of cinematic terror. Aaaah(!). The horror, the horror.

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