Sunday, 7 September 2014

Before I Go To Sleep (2014)

Christine (Nicole Kidman), a woman with a memory issue as a result of an incident, wakes up every day with no memory from her early 20s onwards. One day, she is approached by Mark Strong's Dr. Nash, who says he can help her with the memory trouble and encourages her to keep a video diary as well as keeping this all away from the attention of Christine's husband Ben (Colin Firth). Soon she begins to realise that something is off and that she isn't sure who to trust.

The most obvious comparison to come to mind would be 'Memento' and, as far as I'm concerned, 'Before I Go to Sleep' doesn't even come close to that. However, by itself, this film provides a diverting enough mystery thriller, with the cast playing it as they need to. And, at around 90 minutes, the film doesn't over-stretch its set-up.

It, perhaps, isn't the most inventive film, as it is filmed a paced in a somewhat generic mystery-thriller fashion and reuses various elements frequently found in the genre. It's also a film that lacks any real thrills when it gets down to it (probably because of the lack of much emotional depth earlier in the film). As a whole, though, it did do the job of distracting me for 90 minutes.

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