Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

It's been nine years since the first film and, after years of talk, a sequel finally pops up allowing cinema goers (not a blitzball team) to return to Basin City. Though, looking at the first weekend box office in the US, no-one really cared.

'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' uses the same style and many of the same characters as the previous film. There appears to be three main plot threads, both loosely connected to each other but none having any real impact on the others, and then there is Mickey Rourke's character joining in. One part of the plot focuses on Jessica Alba's Nancy wanting revenge for what happens to Bruce Willis in the first film. A second part focuses on the title, with Josh Brolin's Dwight being manipulated by Eva Green's Ava. The third part sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Johnny getting into trouble after humiliating a politician in a card game (they weren't Pokemon cards).

By the end of the different parts, the characters end up doing something or other but nothing memorable or interesting. I didn't think too much of the first film (though it has been years since I saw it), but that at least had moments and the style of the film was fresher back then. This new film aims to do more of the same but ends up feeling quite pointless and doesn't really try to do anything worthwhile. All I really saw was a few people mumbling and moaning about something or other before a few people kill each other all whole Eva Green strolls around naked.

This all led to a feeling of disinterest as the film fails to provide any intrigue or adequate entertainment. Or even a proper reason to see why Basin City is nick-named 'Sin City'. Whatever this film was trying to do, it turned out to be a meaningless endeavour.

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