Sunday, 13 July 2014

Begin Again (2014)

John Carney, the director of 'Once', returns with another film about two people going around the place recording music. Here we have Keira Knightley's singer-songwriter Greta teaming up with Mark Ruffalo's alcoholic music producer Dan as they go about recording songs in various locations across New York so that they can assemble an album. Subplots include Dan trying to connect with his daughter (Hailee Steinfeld - she gets a better part here than she did in '3 Days to Kill') while Greta has some stuff to do with her pop-star ex-boyfriend.

It's a simple, harmless enough film (though it does seem to have a big grudge against record companies). It does enough to appear likeable (it even managed to make James Corden bearable), but doesn't have much going on beneath the surface. It was also a little off-putting that everything seemed to be far too easy. The film starts by setting up various troubles that should lead to some kind of conflict or further hardship but there is no consequence to anything. For example, Dan is a drunk who is short on money. Yet his love of the bottle doesn't get in the way of anything while the money stuff is apparently irrelevant. In the end, everything just works perfectly and happily and any disaster is averted.

The film, though, was obviously not concerned with trying to show trouble. From what I gathered, it just wanted to be simple, positive film focused on the music which makes it easy viewing, but not the most memorable.

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