Monday, 2 June 2014

May 2014 - Brief Summary

Just remember, my opinion could change.

Best Film:

A comedy drama that strikes the right balance. It has depth and amusement to it (it actually knows how to be funny - something the other 'comedies' from May appeared to know nothing about) as well as a memorable Fassbender performance in the title role.

The next best film after this would have been 'Tracks', which probably should even count as a May film as it came out in April but I didn't get round to watching it until two weeks after its release.

Worst Film:

The other main contenders would have been 'comedies' like 'Blended', 'A Million Ways to Die in the West', and 'Bad Neighbours'. However, 'Plastic' was the most irritating and painful to watch and, ultimately, had little (no) reason to be made.

Favourite OST:
The Wind Rises

Joe Hisaishi does yet another solid score for a Ghibli film. It's perhaps not his best, and doesn't work as well in the film as it could have, but I think it is a decent score.

The other score I didn't mind when watching the film was the one for 'Tracks'. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a reliable version of it to re-listen to. So I couldn't assess it properly.

Worst Product Advert:
Hmmm... there were a few that I really didn't like this month and I can't quite decided which is worse than the others.

Dove replace their dire ad from last moth with this. Which is an improvement of 3 minutes 15 seconds but not much else. This time, they insist on you smiling when you look in the mirror and one cannot apparently do that without Dove. It's just an irritating, shallow advert... just like before.

Kia Soul
I just find this one kind of creepy. Especially by the end when the large hamsters have become very much human in shape but have retained their hamster face. Perhaps it wouldn't be so much of an issue if it was a cartoon (after all, something like Bugs Bunny doesn't creep me out), but that is not what they do here. Beyond the creepy, it is just an annoying advert that has you wishing that the workout would be too much for these hamster and that they collapse and die in the first few seconds.

Seat Leon Cupra 280
The clip I found on YouTube is for the extended version of the advert. The version in cinemas was probably somewhere between 30 seconds to 1 minute. I haven't seen this ad for a while but it was one that irritated me and I didn't see the point of.

There are some others I could complain about, but I think I'll leave it at those three.

Pointless extra details:
Most Viewed Review: 'Postman Pat: The Movie', 'The Wind Rises'
Least Viewed Review(s): 'Brick Mansions', 'Sabotage'

Previous Month Summaries (2014):

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